IXUS Manager: Generate customised compliance reports and certificates

IXUS Manager

The report generator creates compliance reports automatically, using the base station information you stored in the IXUS Manager database.

You can customise the reports to suit your organisation's specific requirements. The reports are created in digitally signed PDF format, and stored by IXUS Manager.

Automated report generation dramatically reduces the effort and documentation required to manage EMF compliance for a network. There are various types of reports...

Environmental Report

A one-page document on EMF compliance for a site, aimed specifically at local government authorities and the public. The report contains site specific information, as well as a graphical depiction of the field levels in the vicinity of the base station installation.

Site Management Report

This detailed report includes technical information about a site, and graphically depicts non-compliant zones on a site. This information can be used by RF workers to avoid entering non-compliant zones or to request the necessary administrative controls, such as power-down or shut-down of transmitters if work needs to be completed in these zones.

Measurement Report

The measurement report contains all the RF measurements selected along with its user comments, GPS latitude and longitude as well as an optional map to indicate GPS positions relative to the site location.

Compliance Certificate

This certificate serves as official documentation to note that all EMF compliance measures have been implemented at a site. It can be signed by the dedicated person(s) who has been appointed to verify compliance at a site.

IXUS Modeller

Create reports using a simple step by step process.


Create graphical, at-a-glance reports for government and the public.

Drag and drop pictures from the 3D model for inclusion in reports.


Create official documentation to certify the EMF compliance of a site.

Ensure site compliance status is automatically enforced and accurate across the whole network. Changes to a base station's information automatically impact its compliance status.


Generate information-rich reports on non-compliance zones for RF workers.