IXUS Features

IXUS is a proven and complete solution that helps network operators and compliance assessment companies to establish and maintain EMF compliance.

Feedback from IXUS customers:

"Our team takes full responsibility for ICNIRP compliance of over 10 000 base stations in Southern Africa. IXUS is vital in keeping us organised, accurate and efficient. Without IXUS we would require many more human resources to assess and maintain the compliance of all these installations."

Marnus Van Wyk, Managing Director, EMSS Consulting (Pty) Ltd

"Very user friendly... Very useful for site compliance and even for site design and acquisition as real site views help to convince the stake-holders for a site build project."

Nsapngun Mbetbo Yves, Radio planning and Optimization Manager, MTN - Cameroon

"IXUS Software will help our company to convince the Rwanda Utilities Regulation Agency about the fact that we are taking appropriate measures to protect the public against harmful RF emissions."

Cyprien Niyonsenga, Radio Quality Assurance Manager, MTN - Rwanda

IXUS was created to be customised. It can be integrated with proprietary base station databases, and modified to work with various EMF guidelines. More about customising IXUS.

IXUS Features

IXUS Modeller features

  • Import blueprints or aerial pictures
  • Build 3D site models easily
  • Select from a library of IXUS antennas
  • Calculate and display EMF non-compliance zones
  • Create pictures and 3D PDF documents

IXUS Manager features

  • Store base station details, models and plans for your entire network
  • Generate customisable compliance reports and certificates automatically
  • Store and manage RF Measurements
  • Manage and monitor base station compliance status
Modeller Video
Manager Video