3D Modelling

The IXUS Modeller is a desktop application for building base station models quickly and easily. You can use the dimensions measured during site visits to help build an accurate model of buildings, rooftops, access routes, ladders, masts and many other architectural features.


The IXUS modeller is designed with usability in mind. Every feature is carefully thought through to help you focus on what is most important.

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- Easily position objects with the auto-snapping workplane and the on-screen Responsive image Tape Measure.

3D Graphics

Under the hood is Tech Soft 3D's Hoops Visualize graphics engine for high-performance graphics. This is the modern day standard for 3D graphics excellence and is the same engine used for Autodesk and Solidworks products.

The IXUS Modeller supports depth peeling that utilizes your graphics card in full.

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Import Blueprints and Aerial pictures (JPEG, PDF, PNG, BMP) and construct your model on them.

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Generic Structures

Add generic structures and change the dimensions easily.

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Add Antennas

Add antennas from a collection of frequently used antennas in the library, or import custom antennas from the IXUS Antenna Portal.

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Create Pictures

Create pictures of the model from different angles ready for use in compliance reports.

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